Jarom's CDH SUCCESS Story...


We were told that you aren't out of the woods until he turns at least 10 years old.  The reason is that the patch they put in to fix the hole in the diaphragm doesn't grow as the child does.  Since it can't get larger, there is always a chance of reherniation.  After age 10, they are stronger and more able to handle an occurrence of reherniation.  The other problem is adhesions in their intestines from scar tissue.  


We had one scare that took us to Children's Hospital in Seattle.  Luckily it was nothing.  


His greatest complication is esophageal reflux.  He can easily get heartburn if he eats too late.  He also has a slight list to the left where his chest cavity tube was placed.  He understandably still has all the scars.


Jarom is now 10 years old.  I love him and his brothers dearly.


His brothers are two very special spirits.  They are so yielding to Jarom's needs.  Their childhoods have been significantly altered because of this event.  The first 2 years, Jarom was very fragile.  They all stayed home and we quarantined ourselves to keep Jarom from getting sick.  It was a ritual of me changing clothes after work in the mud room right into the washer each day.  It really did become a way of life for us.  We did anything we could think of to give him the edge at making it.  It seems like we left nothing to chance.


When the time approached for Jarom to go to school, he was developing at a slower rate from what we saw in his brothers.  We felt this was reasonable for a 2 month preemie.  The school system wanted to label him and place him in special needs programs.  Carrie began home schooling all of our children.  All of the kids were placed back into public school when Jarom was 9.  They are all blowing the system away.   I include this bit because you are the one that knows your child.  Do what is right for your child.  Take the advice and all the input and make your own decision.